My couponing adventures begin!

My church (Reach Community Church in Montgomery City) sponsored a couponing workshop a few weeks ago.  I do the coupon thing off and on, mostly depending on if I remember to get the Sunday paper or not and if I have time to cut them out.  After the workshop I realized there were some major deals I had been missing out on – for example, I never paid any attention to Walgreens and you can do EXTREMELY well there.  So I’ve decided to start it over again.  I bought two copies of the paper the last two weeks and made a reminder on my phone to buy it.  Luckily Crane’s store which isn’t too far from here is closed on Sunday but they leave the papers on the porch and you can go get them and pay them the next time you go in, and even late Sunday night there’s always some there.

Our edition of the paper doesn’t get the Proctor and Gamble insert but one of the ladies that did the workshop was able to find a place to order them online and several of us went in on it.  For $3 I got two of the inserts which I will DEFINITELY get back many times over in the coupons.

Yesterday I joined about a million coupon advice/information mailing lists as well as a bunch of product sites.  They give you links to coupons you can print at home.  I also found a coupon database at where you can search for a particular product you want and find out if there’s either an electronic or paper coupon available.  I decided I won’t go shopping for the week at Bratchers until Monday or Tuesday (I think the sales start on Wednesday) so I can see what’s in the Sunday paper that might be on sale at Bratchers as well.   I’m also going to make a point to clip them out on Sunday evenings every week.

So this blog is intended to serve two purposes.  One, to help out anybody reading who is local with coupons that are available in the area, and two, to show my progress so I can keep track of it.

If you’re in the Montgomery County area and interested in this, we have a couponing group on Facebook at!/groups/262000337162999/ – just go to the group and ask to join and one of us admins will approve it.  We all talk about couponing and the deals we’ve gotten and can answer any questions, and we intend to set up coupon swaps and carpools for stores that aren’t nearby.

Happy couponing!

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