Bratcher’s Ad 8/3 – 8/9

Bratcher’s ad can be found at For anyone who doesn’t know, they will double coupons up to $0.75 which is really sweet – you can get up to $1.50 off!

Note: I am not attempting to cover every item that is on sale and every coupon. This is just what I did and how I thought.

Yesterday I used the ad and compared the things I am interested in with the Coupon Database at This will tell you when the most recent newspaper, tear sheets, and paper ones that were out, and will give you links to internet ones you can print. Some of the coupons that were going to be in the paper the next day were in there, so you can plan ahead, and that’s why I decided to do shopping on either Sundays after I get the coupons clipped or on Mondays.

If anyone knows of another coupon database, please leave a comment! A plus for this one – you can search for coupons by amount off, so get those $0.75 ones to use at Bratchers even if the item is not on sale! It is definitely not 100% correct because there were some coupons in today’s paper that it didn’t have in there.

This is what I looked at and ultimately got:

  • Red Baron Pizza is only $2.99, originally $5.69. I couldn’t find a coupon. I got four of them and saved a total of $10.80.
  • Sunny D Punch – the ad said 128 oz was $2.89 but the 64 oz bottle is always $1 at Alco and Save A Lot so this is no savings!
  • Pizza Rolls (40 in the bag) are on sale for $3.29 but they’re cheaper at Kroger – $2.99.
  • Nabisco crackers – the ad said some were on sale for $3.49 but when I looked on the shelf, there were also Ritz and Wheat Thin chips on sale for $1.99 that were originally $3.29. There was a coupon in today’s paper (and I get 2 papers) for $0.75 off 2 so I got 4 boxes and saved a total of $8.20, paying $1.24 each. 
  • Progresso soup is 3/$5 but that’s cheaper at Kroger too – 3/$4. There’s a Progresso soup coupon in today’s paper.
  • General Mills Nature Valley bars are originally $3.79 per box and on sale for $2.50. I found two printables, plus there was one in today’s paper, for $0.75 off 2. I paid $1.74 a box for 4 boxes and saved $8.16. You can get the printable coupons at 
  • Land O Frost Lunchmeat is on sale for $3.59. I forgot to look and see what the original price was so I’m just using $4.29 as a guess. I have a paper coupon from a paper in the last few weeks for $0.55 which doubled to $1.10 so paid $2.49.
  • Fisher Boy fish sticks is on sale for $3.29. They didn’t have those in stock but one of the managers substituted Fisher Boy fish portions for the same price. I was able to print two $0.75 coupons from for a net of $1.79 each and savings of $7.40.
  • The Best Choice macaroni and cheese is on sale for $1.50, originally $1.89. Not a huge savings, but Corinne likes that and I’m out. I forgot to look what the Velveeta brand costs but I’m sure it’s more. Total savings for 2 boxes was $0.78.
  • I needed spray cleaner and none was on sale, but Fantastik is originally $2.99 and I had paper coupons for $0.75 which get doubled so half price or you can look at it as buy one get one free. Total savings $3.
  • Oscar Meyer Deli Cuts or something like that was on sale for $2.99 and Walter likes it. I didn’t have a coupon. Original $4.19 so savings of $1.20.

Bratchers has a weekly internet coupon at This week is for $1.75 off a $50 purchase. Customer service told me the $50 is before you put in your coupons.

The total original prices would have been $80.30

My total before coupons was $52.06 – sale savings of $28.24.

Coupons were a total of $14.85 –  total savings of $43.09

I paid $38.96 and saved 53.66%!!

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